About us

My name is Travis, I live in Worcester and my background is in the Automotive industry. Engineering in various guises had kept me busy since I left school. First with Land Rover, then with various other Automotive companies. Dogs had always played a big part in my life though, I was raised around dogs, and always had an affinity with them.


I used to take my dog (Loki) for Hydrotherapy. He was a German Shepherd who had had a rough start to life. He had various problems – a little hip dysplasia, a weak left forelimb and he’d been malnourished as a pup, which had added to his problems.

I saw firsthand, the positive effect that Hydrotherapy had on him. The Hydrotherapist that worked with him was brilliant. She took time to understand him. Treated him like he was her own. Cared for him and never overexerted him. She never rushed him, but also never let him get away with giving anything other than his all. In short, she was amazing with him, and she inspired me to follow this example.


Sadly we lost Loki in early 2015, a combination of Cancer and a torn Cruciate ligament finally put an end to the most loving and faithful friend a man could have ever asked for. His Legacy is White Phoenix.


I took what I had seen done for him, and I formed the idea of my own business. A business that would strive to capture the same level of care and compassion as I had seen  used with my dog.

And so, in October 2015, I opened White Phoenix K9 Hydrotherapy in Strensham.


Here I seek to care for sick, injured and recovering dogs as if they were my own. They are given the utmost care, combined with the best, most appropriate rehab program that can be delivered.


Bespoke therapy sessions, catering for a wide range of problems.