So, what is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a controlled, non-weight bearing form of exercise, which uses water to aid recovery.


It provides relief from pain and swelling. Allows joint mobilisation, muscle building and toning, an increase in the range of movement, improved circulation, an increase in cardiovascular fitness levels, physical and mental relaxation and so much more.


It can be used pre or post operatively to help an individuals progress.


The water itself is a therapeutic medium, providing resistance but also buoyancy.


If used correctly, both of these things can allow an experienced Hydrotherapist to tailor therapy sessions to an individual animals, specific needs.

How is White Phoenix different?

White Phoenix seeks to work to the highest standards of care. Patients will only be seen if they have a Vet Referral that says they are safe to be swum. Thorough notes will be taken after every swim, and this information will be relayed to the client, the Vet, and any other healthcare professionals that are involved in the case. This way the patient will get the best possible level of care.


At my Centre the water is maintained at a constant temperature (28C) which makes it a more pleasant and relaxing environment. The pool is sanitized using Bromine, which is kinder to the skin than Chlorine, and doesn’t smell.


We have a high definition, underwater camera, that can be used to capture still pictures and/or video of a patient swimming. This information can then be passed on to other healthcare professionals (Vets, Physios, Chiropractors etc) to further benefit the patient. Allowing a better understanding of the way the animal is using a particular limb or joint.


But most of all, White Phoenix is run putting the dog first. The businesses mission statement is ‘Aiming to provide a caring, professional and positive atmosphere for the rehabilitation of your dog’, but it’s more than just words.


Unlike so many mission statements, this one wasn’t dreamt up to sound good in a presentation to the board. This one was written down to act as a reminder of why this business exists.


Hydrotherapy can have amazing results. It can give an injured or sick dog, a fighting chance. If used in conjunction with Physio, and surgery, it can work wonders.


I’ve seen dogs with severe spinal injuries, walk again. Animals that have been ‘written off’ become the companions that they always had the potential to be. I’ve seen the lives of dogs extended in a meaningful way, so that they can enjoy their latter years. And I get to be a part of that, what more could I ask for?